Correct workplace ergonomics and posture can boost your efficiency and productivity at the work. A systematic ergonomics and posture improvement removes risk factors that lead to musculoskeletal injuries and allows for improved human performance and productivity. Not just that, a good posture makes you look good too!

Ergonomic Programme for Corporate Employees

Our corporate services offer a perfect way to allow organisations and their employees to be assessed at their work stations and save on unnecessary travel time for therapy/ treatment. There are different options available :

  • Preventive workshops
  • Corporate consultations
  • Ergonomic¬†advice to individuals or groups
  • Home/office visits

We will be happy to work-out customised packages for your organization or employees.

Posture Correction for Individuals

A poor posture may be caused by muscle imbalance, poor biomechanics , genetic curvature of the spine as in scoliosis and poor joint flexibility, as a result of injury or surgery or from excessively sustained positions such as prolonged sitting or bending.

Our physiotherapists are trained to assess the causes and suggest a treatment plan for improved posture.